Ghost Town

13 Jun 2011 – Hytta/cabin or cottage

The neighbourhood is like a ghost town, peaceful and quiet. Took some pix two nights ago but is was cloudy and one had strange lights all over. Took more last night, clear sky with the moon which turned out much better as it was still light even at midnight. Tried to aim for the same view, this morning at 0800hrs with the downhill ski-run in the background.

A Norwegian phenomena is that most of them either have a hytta in the mountains or by the coast and many even have both. Last weekend marks the beginning and like the migrating birds, the locals will head for their hytta. During the 10yrs of my Norwegian life, summers were spent by Lake Møsvann, Telemark in a hytta with an utedo/outhouse and without running water or power. To get there, it took app 4hrs in the car and then another 4hrs by boat.

Fishing is a routine for the food chain. Ørret/trout and Røye/Charr are the main types, when fish is fresh (ie from unpolluted waters) and wild, there is nothing that taste better. Have cooked and smoked and made dishes every possible way with those fish… yummy. No problems living a stable diet of this over the summer. When there was not enough fish, spaghetti, canned and other dried food came in handy. Wild mushroom and reindeer hunting are the sport for the fall season.

But that was back in the 1970s. Today,  most hytta are equipped with all the luxury of any town-house, including heated floors! And getting there will take less time with better roads, faster cars and boats!! Otherwise was told that nothing have changed when hiking in that terrain except for a couple of new fully equipped hytta built to live in for all the seasons, unlike the ones only good for summers.

Pix posted are L&M albums from MøsvannThe pix from the 1970s are in colour-slides somewhere in SIN 🙂

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.  Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day – Author Unknown

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