Visiting Norway

16 May 2011 – Welcome Welcome Welcome…

For those who have voiced interest to visit, check blog postings and

Do your own research on flights and dates online, it does take time and flexibility to get the best fares. The regular airlines sometimes offer promotion fares and there again check online regularly. Apologies cannot help there as you are the one traveling, thus know what dates and price ranges are within your budget. I flew budget airlines all the way and booked the long distances section with AirAsia at least 6 months in advance. Check posting: After Four Airports.
From the house, the nearest grocery and bus-stop is app 15/20mins walk. Do NOT have a car. House is located in Kolsås, a suburb and to take the bus/40mins one way into Oslo cost app S$9. Hotels are expensive. Even when staying in the house, you will need to budget in your food and travel expenses. Just having a cheap snack of a hotdog and and soda is app S$12.

You have to be an independent visitor doing the tourist things on your own. Will be here working until end July. Away in the USA month of Aug. Back again in Norway in Sep when it starts to get cooler and will not be able to entertain anyone as grandchild is due then.

Kat, niece from NY said after she was here a week,  Auntie Amy, Norway has the Fjordiest fjord where even a cup of coffee at the gas station cost US$6! Told her that out to the 11yrs living here, only went out to eat (ie at a place where you pay!) at most the times you can count the fingers on one hand! BTW, very seldom aurora borealis/northern lights south of the Arctic Circle (Oslo is way south). Winter is the time for the northern lights, mainly above the Arctic Circle and still there is no guarantee you will see them there, as the saying goes, the only guarantee is that we pay tax and we die!

This is NOT to put you off but to give some realistic figures on how much things cost here. Do your research work well so as not be surprised with $$$. Hope that this will answer some of the questions. Happy to help where ever possible from my side. Good luck with surfing online for fares and info!

Sun: there was a hail storm and rained most day after a beautiful Sat! Tomorrow is the National Day and Buddha’s Bday. Let’s hope that the weather will be nice to all the flag-waving parades!

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