After Four Airports…

12 May 2011 – Safe & Sound in Oslo

Tue: got to the budget terminal for breakfast in time to see the sky open up pouring cats and dogs but cleared up for the plane to take off in time. Another journey from SIN to Norway started Tue 10 May 0945hrs with TigerAirways Airbus A320/1hr flight time- S$48.

Arriving KUL 1040hrs on schedule in hazy weather but had a yummy local lunch with mango juice- S$5 and for once had some time to explore the airport. Departed KUL 1500hrs with Air Asia AirbusA340/13hrs 40mins- S$302.

Arriving STN/London Tue 10 May 2240hrs local time. Wed: Beautiful sunrise at the airport, breakfast- S$20. Departed STN 0825hrs on RyanAir Boeing 737-800/1hr 40mins- S$94 for Moss, Norway.

Wed: arrived RYG/Moss, Norway 1104hrs, local time, 20mins ahead of schedule. No train service, bus from Moss-Oslo/1hr NOK164- S$36. Snacking on a hot dog and a soda cost S$12! Appreciations to Mette for meeting me at the bus/train terminal and spending the afternoon and thanks to May & Bjørn for picking me up at the terminal. The reasons for this posting are that there have been questions as to how much would this kind of travel cost? Quite affordable with all 3 budget flights on schedule. Not a direct flight, but like everything in life, you get for what you pay! You do not even get served peanuts on any of these flights unless you pay for them 🙂

The top pix is from Oslo S, the central train and bus station. It is an arch of an old door in the old building and at present under renovation. Looking forward to see the completion.
Stortorget/Large Market is a square in the center of  Oslo. In 1736 it took over as the city’s central square after Christiania old square. Market is Oslo’s flower square and is represented in the Norwegian edition of Monopoly! On the square stands a statue of King Christian IV, where the king is pointing with his right hand: ‘Here lie the city!’. Today 2011, in good company of Mette, peeping at pigeon & sparrow bathing and watching life goes by thru’ the fountain with Oslo domkirke/Oslo Cathedral in the background…

The journey is my home – Muriel Rukeyser

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