3 May 2011 – Hookah/Shisha

After visiting Arab St yesterday, the hookah is something that has attracted the attention and always wanted to know more, perhaps due to childhood memories of Alice in Wonderland 🙂 Depending on locality, hookahs or shishas may be referred to by many name but is a waterpipe with a single or multi-stemmed (often glass-based) instrument for smoking in which the smoke is cooled by water.

Have never smoked and have no intentions to try but some of the hookahs have such beautiful glass base and one cannot help but admire them.

IN THE ST NEWSPAPER 25 Apr 2011 – By Daryl Chin

Shisha cafes flouting outdoor smoking rules?

Shisha cafes flout rules, exceeding allotted outdoor space for smokers

Shisha smokers in Baghdad Street. Some cafes in the Kampong Glam area have been flouting regulations that state that only 20 per cent of an establishment’s total outdoor refreshment area can be used for patrons smoking cigarettes or shisha. — ST Photo

Shisha smoking has become a hazy issue for visitors to the Kampong Glam area, some of whom have reported that shisha cafes are openly flouting the rules…

a 15- to 90-minute session using this waterpipe can deliver more than 20 cigarettes’ worth of nicotine, the Health Promotions Board has warned…


Got up at 0400hrs to send Lori off on a cab to the airport today. Was hoping to get a few hours of zzz before the 0800hrs dentist appointment. No such luck as the mind was over tired and over active with overwhelming info on the elections and the candidates. Too many choices and not satisfactory info…

Decided to have a few hours of rest before heading to the local library to catch up the missing links during my absence. But only got into a total state of TMI/too much info. Conclusions again and again are that there are no clean or noble politics or politicians. The intentions are usually good in the beginning but somehow get caught in their own webs sooner or later! Gone are the days where we were convinced that we could change the world by burning the mid-night lamp with the idealist ideas and discussions 🙁

Really tired with empty promises and cheap talks. Show me one person (besides the saints or martyr who have died) without ulterior motives and that person will get my vote. What is this that SIN Ministers get paid with figures that are so monstrously out of proportion, even when compared to the whole world; the reason is so that they will not be bribed into corruption!! Helloooo is this political semantics or did something get lost in translation or hallucinations after the shisha???

The blog was and never will be focused on politics, but sometimes even 2cents worth of honesty is better than hypocrisy!

So many roads. So many detours. So many choices. So many mistakes –
Sarah Jessica Parker

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