A Jungle

9 Mar 2011 – Family Tree/Jungle!

Past two days have been tourist guiding family from LA, a cousin also name Amy LAM, married and divorced a Norwegian!! How coincident can that be and to also discover that we have much in common!!! They are from LAM Ji Chiew’s (granduncle) branch and from now when referring to the family jungle, AmyY will be handling this branch. LAM Song Kee’s (grandfather) branch will be handled by AmySG LAM. For those who think that SG=SIN, do remember that I existed before computer. SG are the initials for my Chinese name Su Guan 🙂

Tue: Chinatown and a visit to 4th aunt who is the eldest of the LAM Song Kee’s branch. Thanks to Les & Ivy for yet another yummy seafood dinner at Long Beach Seafood. Cousin Andrew was commenting that cousin Michael liked the chilly crabs@Chinatown Heritage Museum, but that really is nothing to write home about compared to that of Long Beach Seafood 🙂

Today: @Tiong Bahru Market to meet 10th, 11th & 16th aunties for lunch. Then@New Asia, 70th floor at City Hall to get a some views. Just finished editing and uploading pix for the three previous postings, now to unpack the HKG bag and repack for the KCH’s flight which is  leaving tomorrow! Will bring my laptop for this journey, just hope that there will be online access crossing my path 🙂

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family – Kofi Annan

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