The White Rajah

12 Mar 2011 – A Prayer@Jemak Mosque for the People in Japan!

Masjid Jamek/Jamek Mosque is located at Petra Jaya adjacent to the State Library. Regarding houses of worship, the mosque is the most peaceful and serene place for me. There are no statues, icons, deities etc inside; instead there are pretty stained glass windows and tall pillars with tasteful mosaic domes covered with beautiful Arabic calligraphy. Today, a silent prayer was said for the people affected by the earthquake and tsunamis.

The Astana=palace in English, resides the currentĀ Yang di-Pertua Negeri or the Head of State/Governor of Sarawak. This palace is situated on the north bank of the river, just across the river from Kuching Waterfront. Charles Brooke (3rd and last Rajah) built this as a bridal gift to his wife Margaret in 1870.

Parliament Building by KCH River with Lawrence looking across the river at the KCH City Mosque.

Lunch@White Rajah Restaurant***/Regency Rajah Court Hotel. Food so-so. Lawrence & Mabel know the GM/Mr Lang? and coincidently he was also having a late lunch. Asked if it was possible to buy the disposable place mats and coasters of old historic prints and was immediately presented with two sets. The camera was happily clicking away while Lawrence went to get the car and we ladies took our time to admire the decor. As we were approaching the door, this young waiter approached us to ask if our bill will be settled by Mr Lang? What a polite and diplomatic way to inform us that the bill was not paid! Mabel & I thought that Lawrence took care of the bill. But the point is that it is impressive how this young waiter dealt with the situation. Must write to the management to congratulate them for such service.

Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friendsĀ -Walt Disney