Mary Black

7 Mar 2011 – Byebye HKG (edited 9 Mar)

Sat: relaxing morning chatting with Henry. A fun evening karaoke at Richard’s studio until the early hours of Sun, looked like Miu needed his beauty sleep or were we such bad singers 🙂

Sun: Lamma Island/南丫島, also known as Pok Liu博寮, is the 3rd largest island (an area of 13.55 km²) in HKG. Takes app half hour on the boat to get there. Thank you Henry for his time and for introducing the island. Appreciations to Harry, Johnny, Richard and friends for the gracious hospitality. This certainly is the best HKG trip.

Mon: the bus ride to HKG airport on this lovely morning is picturesque with skyscrapers, suspension bridges and mountainous background. Back in SIN in time for the Mary Black Gala Concert and Fundraiser@the residence of the Irish Ambassador. Mary is an Irish singer and is well-known as an interpreter of both folk and contemporary material which has made her a major recording artist in her native Ireland, and in many other parts of the world.

Somehow the pix from this performance are not good… either too tired or just not too focus! Perhaps the fact that there are more pix to be uploaded for the last two previous posting is not helping. Anyway will need to go back and edit when the mind is clearer!!

A clear mind is nothing but the ability to bring thoughts together, to tie already known ideas with less known ideas and to express them in exact and clear words – Helvetius

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