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21 Jan 2011 – Yummy Goodies

Thu: Thank you for lunch@Jo‘s and thanks to Les & Ivy for dinner@Great World City’s Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine**** The CHUAS will be heading back to Canberra/Australia and who knows when we will next meet? Grandniece Kiera & grandnephew Lucas are as delightful as can be. Les & Ivy have this new blade-less fan, looking like a spaceship catching the camera’s attention!

The Chinese New Year/CNY is still 2 weeks away and the stores are fully packed with all the goodies. Being a coward with crowds, was in Chinatown last week to check out the stores and to take some pix. Such a dazzling and colourful adventure where you need to be there to experience and feel the ambiance of a crimson flaming red forest!

Have a few favourite cookies from various different places. Noting that stressed spelt backwards is desserts, so go for the desserts and there will be no stressed 🙂 Pix from Glory on East Coast Rd, except for Sue’s pineapple tarts which are the best of all pineapple tarts. This year will try to get 8 assortments of my most favourite cookies and snacks for May & Bjørn to taste.

Butter cookies from Glory**** Loveletters, Fouram and Almond cookies from Bengawan Solo**** Pineapple tarts from Suri’s***** Bakkwa (Bjørn being a non-pork eater does not have to taste this but he does not know what he will be missing!) from Bee Hock Guan*** dried red melon seeds and Macadamia nuts from where ever they taste fresh and good.

Raffles City, South Bridge Rd, People’s Park and Chinatown.

According to yesterday’s ST, have to be prepared to pay more than S$50 per kg if you intend to pig out on bakkwa this CNY. Retailers said rising ingredient and labour costs are pushing up the cost of this festive treat of sliced barbecued pork. Will only be buying a small amount of the individually vacuum-packed, more for tradition and decoration! Looking at the lines in this bakkwa shop in Chinatown, one would think that it is FOC… dream on!

Cookies are made of butter and love – Norwegian Proverb

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