Into the 6th Decade

15 Jan 2011 –  Age is Just a Figure!

Happy Bday to Angie Sosa FOLDS who also shares this day. Thank you to everyone for their thoughtful Bday wishes. What is another year but more figures in everyway! For granddaughter Katy, she is into her last year where she can count her age with just one figure!! When we moved to the USA in 1985, was then joking with L&M that the reason for moving there was so as not to forget the bday since Martin Luther KING was born on the same day and is a public holiday in the USA 🙂

And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream – Martin Luther KING

A rainy week with new movies and today@nephew Clement’s newly renovated HDB to catch up with old DVDs. Someone asked if the movies reviewed and rated in this blog have been watched. Yes yes yes is the answer from a movie buff…

The Last Days of Emma Blank/De laatste dagen van Emma Blank*** Dutch flick about Emma who waits for her death in a most dysfunctional country household. Emma is a steely, avaricious dictator whose absurd demands drives everyone into madness. Until the day that they discover that they stand to inherit nothing and they drop off their charade of caring and concern. It is supposed to be a comedy… but fail to see the comic side to this movie!

All Good Things*** New York City in the 1980s- David, the son of a powerful real estate tycoon, marries Katie a beautiful working class student. Together they flee the city for country life in Vermont, only to be lured back by David’s father. About a very distraught David who witnessed the suicide of his mother when he was 7. The consequences, four people murdered with David as the main suspect and the Marks family’s dark secrets pave the way to a disturbing truth.

Burlesque *** Ali is a small-town girl who follows her dreams to LA. The Burlesque Lounge is home to an inspired musical revue where Ali worked as a cocktail waitress. She wins the eye of bartender musician Jack and makes her way from the bar to the stage. Her spectacular voice restores the lounge to its former glory and a charismatic entrepreneur Marcus arrives with an enticing proposal. Do not usually go for musicals but wanted to watch Cher’s acting and man does she look good for her age!

Lover’s Discourse/戀人絮語** bonds together a series of relationships as well as tales of love and lost and various stages of love, betrayal and redemption. Being a HKG flick, it is dubbed from Cantonese to Mandarin and somehow do not like dubbed movies. In future must remember not to watch HKG movies in SIN.

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