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11 Jan 2011 – 11-01-11!

Received a request from second daughter May got me out taking pix for an article about SIN’s transport system to be published in Norway in a small Norwegian magazine called Samferdsel.

MRT & stations (Ang Mo Kio/AMK, MRT Station & Bus Interchange; MRT to Eunos Station/with the protective glass doors stations), Light rail (sorry May, no pix), Bus (no13 from Sims Ave to Marine Cres), People in transit, People at bus stop (Eunos bus stop with shade to MRT station), Taxis (will not take one if can avoid),  Cars on the road (Sims Ave & Marine Parade Rd).

May wanted anything that makes SIN look super advanced and ahead of the rest… not sure these pix will justify SIN public transport looking super advanced!!! Mostly satisfied with the public transport here except for rude taxi drivers. Traveling as a senior citizen is very affordable on the buses and MRT as long as one can avoid the rush hours and weekends. Pix taken during a busy weekend, got her message Fri and deadline was yesterday, would not have ventured in those MRT stations in the weekends if not for her request!

The system is advance enough for finding out when the next bus is arriving at your bus stop to avoid unnecessary wait at the bus stops. There is even a number to dial on the mobile to get an SMS info for people like me who does not own an iPhone…

This will certainly justify the advance system – no driver, all controlled from an Operations Room costing US$4.6B. Thanks Mica for the info…

When no bus or MRT after midnight, walking is till the preference if not too hot! That is where HKG has a better system with certain bus routes running 24hrs.

There’s all these ways to instantly communicate – cars, computers, telephone and transportation – and even with all that, it’s so hard to find people and have an honest communication with them – Jason Schwartzman

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