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2 Jan 2011 – Happy Bday grand-nephew Darryl NEO

On the 8th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me Eight Maids a-milking… The usual issue for every Jan is to focus that a new year has began and to remember which year! Appreciations to AudreyW for the company and for toasting  2011 in, now the challenge is the diet. After a month of socializing and yummy food, there is NO way the this can continue if healthy and happy are to be achieved. In addition, no new clothes in bigger sizes, so will have to stay healthy & happy both in body & mind but wealthy only in the mind!! Promised Leonard that there will be none of this nakedness on my side… which has been on-going in SIN recently and thank goodness SIN has a tropical climate 🙂

Deliberately going out in public naked, I think, is a form of protest against the government’s excesses and repression. And if my thinking is correct on this, it should be welcome because protesting this way, would very probably lead to the real thing, protesting openly for their rights, with their clothes on this time. That I hope is the case here – Gopalan Nair

David left back for HI via Thailand today and Terminal 1 Row 11/Air Asia@Changi Airport/SIN is like a human zoo in a concrete jungle! Hopefully there will be improvements when the upgrading with the new facelift is completed! That is the major reason for not traveling during holidays and high seasons, but easier said than done, especially when one has to work or attend school.

Thank you for delightful company Richard from NZ. Good to catch up and ring the 2011 in thoroughly!

Under normal conditions, in their natural habitats, wild animals do not mutilate themselves, masturbate, attack their offspring, develop stomach ulcers, become fetishists, suffer from obesity, form homosexual pair-bonds, or commit murder. Among human city dwellers, needless to say, all of these things occur –
Desmond Morris

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