20 Jan 2010 – Safe & happy in CAE

Over 32hrs and 13hrs time difference in 5 different airports, it is amazing any normal person can feel normal! Left SIN Mon 0550hrs and arrived CAE Mon 2345hrs (the only airport I know of with white rocking chairs). Felt like a zombie Tue and starting slowly to function today, Wed 20 Jan (Thu 21 Jan in SIN).

The devastating consequences of the earthquake in Haiti and freezing temperatures in many regions have been headline news the past week. Reuniting with the family and seeing them all healthy and thriving helps me not to think too much about the sad news and also a reminder again about how fortunate I am, so far! Was so touched to receive 60th Bday greetings and presents from Norway, Canada and the USA. Will do my snail mail acknowledgements when back in SIN. Too much going on here at present.

In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future – Alex Haley

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