Dedication to Kenson KWOK

7 Jan 2010 – ACM

For me, it will never be the same at the Asian Civilizations Museum/ACM now that Kenson KWOK has retired. He was the main reason I was introduced to this museum and do remember attending the opening in 2003! He has built and developed two of SIN museums into world-class museums SIN can be proud about.

All my overseas’ family & friends are totally impressed whenever I take them to the Peranakan Museum or ACM. One of my English friends who used to visit SIN yearly would never miss out visiting ACM. And I am always happy to let them know that if not for my oldest pal and godfather to second daughter May HALD, these museums would not have existed!


1954/55 pix of the Kwoks, Leungs and some of the Lams. Thanks Kenson for his being, for his long-time friendship and to have done such a wonderful job for SIN. It will be ACM’s loss but he can now travel to the places he wants to visit and have time to enjoy with family & friends. Happy Retirement. Looking forward to seeing more of him 🙂

Official Openings of ACM at Armenian Street/1997 and Empress Place/2006

The Egawa Donation will be officially opened tonight by Guest-of-Honour Mr George Yeo. This collection of Japanese & Chinese ceramics explores the interactions between East Asia & Europe on ceramic art. Will surely miss Kenson’s opening speech and his presence.

Retire from work, but not from life – MK Soni