Dedication to Kenson KWOK

7 Jan 2010 – ACM

For me, it will never be the same at the Asian Civilizations Museum/ACM now that Kenson KWOK has retired. He was the main reason I was introduced to this museum and do remember attending the opening in 2003! He has built and developed two of SIN museums into world-class museums SIN can be proud about.

All my overseas’ family & friends are totally impressed whenever I take them to the Peranakan Museum or ACM. One of my English friends who used to visit SIN yearly would never miss out visiting ACM. And I am always happy to let them know that if not for my oldest pal and godfather to second daughter May HALD, these museums would not have existed!


1954/55 pix of the Kwoks, Leungs and some of the Lams. Thanks Kenson for his being, for his long-time friendship and to have done such a wonderful job for SIN. It will be ACM’s loss but he can now travel to the places he wants to visit and have time to enjoy with family & friends. Happy Retirement. Looking forward to seeing more of him 🙂

Official Openings of ACM at Armenian Street/1997 and Empress Place/2006

The Egawa Donation will be officially opened tonight by Guest-of-Honour Mr George Yeo. This collection of Japanese & Chinese ceramics explores the interactions between East Asia & Europe on ceramic art. Will surely miss Kenson’s opening speech and his presence.

Retire from work, but not from life – MK Soni

5 thoughts on “Dedication to Kenson KWOK

  1. Kenson has that vision and attention to details, two seemingly opposite qualities. To me, a visionary sees what others miss, or not care to see. Kenson notices everything, he would suggest, rectify, or add to a project, be it a new museum or an exhibition. A curator once said to me Kenson even checks on the colour of the fabric. Generous, he never substracts from other people to gain credit for himself. Gentle, yet determined, he has that aura of a buddha and the accepted authority of an emperor, albeit a learned one. I shall remember him as a humble person and a friend who, over the years brought me: a peasant’s jacket (so he said), salt footbath, pepper, thousand-year eggs, liver sausages (from Hong Kong) and even soya bean milk. All that because I live in Switzerland and that he thought I would enjoy the homely goodies. Kenson is the personification of thoughtful friendship. I cannot ask for more. Well, maybe a water colour which he masters so well. Of course he would deny it. No, no, no, I am just a Sunday painter, he would say. Now that he is retired, he is running out of excuses. Now everyday is Sunday.

    • Kenson and I grew up together and we are have been friends for over half a century… now that says a lot about someone who can stay friends with me throughout these times. He is a real gentleman in every sense and I am lucky to know him. Will look forward to seeing him painting again and cooking his favourite dishes.

  2. Hope that you will enjoy your retirement and do all the things that you enjoy and did not have time for before.
    Just want to say how much I enjoyed the Peranakan Museum. Congratulation on a job well done.

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  4. Tkx for sharing the Architects’ Tour. Wish I could have been there but was hiking the 100km MacLehose Trail in HKG. Kenson is a dear old friend.

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