27 Jan 2010 – May & Nancy heading home today

Successful celebrations are over but as the saying goes… do not cry because it is over but smile because it happened. Can always look forward to the next reunion. According to Kenson, it will be downhill from now! For me, yes and no. Yes, in the sense that the energy is not what it was. No, in the way about how situations and things are handled differently today. When respect for others, flexibility and learning are possible, there are no downhill issues. Would struggle with certain situations 10years ago, but now, nah… whatever, as long as there are no premeditation to harming anyone and not life threatening.

When Linn & May were toddlers, I would even wake up if they turned in their beds! Now, I sleep thru’ just about everything. The room I am in here is above the garage; the opening and closing of the garage door is not a quiet motion but I sometimes sleep thru’ that, even twice within the hour. Jeff leaves about 0600hr work and Katy 0700hrs for school. Ellie & JohnW have pre-school 3 mornings a week. Also I hired someone to help clean here weekly during my stay. For now, snuggling with Sophie is what I do best, she will probably be downhill skiing and not interested to cuddle on my next visit 🙂

I’m not a real smart guy. But I’ve got enough brains to realize that when I’m 60 years old and play a sport, that it’s downhill – Lee Trevino