17 Jan 2010 – 5 Airports in 30hrs!

Fri: thanks to Leonard SHOH for lunch at Bugis Junction. There was no Barney at the whole of Bugis but there is a recycled Christmas tree with Valentine’s decorations. Also thanks for being such a good sport to help me find the only Barney at Toys R Us in Suntec where the CNY decorations are up… Raise the Red Lantern 🙂

There is a new signpost at SAM. A country with courtesy & smiling campaigns and now Flirting Point signpost… what kind of message is this? Some years ago, there was this incident when my grand children (Katy was 5 and Ellie 2 then) were visiting and they got wet playing at the fountains… Linn & I decided to take off their wet clothes and just let them continue enjoying the fountains in their underwear. Some passer-by commented to her child, shame shame. I had hoped that my grand-daughters did not hear that. This might explain why my fellow SIN are the way they are or perhaps it is me who is unable to relate to this mentality?

Sat: Isabelle 2nd Bday party@The Rivervale function room… such an adoreable child and how she cuddled Barney made the search effort worth the while. Thanks to Lee & Adeline for including this grand-auntie. Apologies that I was not able to be the photographer as my pictures will not justify the function.

Flight will be leaving for the USA 0550hrs Mon 18 Jan and this will be a tiring journey. SIN-NRT 6hrs 50mins, NRT layover 1hr 10mins. NRT-MSP 10hrs 50mins, MSP layover 3hrs 35mins. MSP-DTW 1hr45mins, DTW layover 5hrs. DTW-CAE 1hr 45mins. About 22hrs flying time and 10hrs of layover time before I arrive to my destination, Columbia South Carolina! Ouch. .. how many more of these trips will I be able to survive!!

The trouble with our age is that it is all signpost and no destination – Louis Kronenberger