16 Jan 2010 – Memories

Christmas 1968, you only 18, arrived in our house in Langnesbakken in Tromsø. I can still hear all the laughters, jokes and many nice moments. I remember us driving in the Renault 4 across North Norway, fishing at Hella, skiing in the mountains, picking gresslok and adding it to the bujong togehter with garlic powder. I remember your sweet and sour dish, together with slightly raw fish, very good!  I can hear you asking:  what is “kattunga”?   As I think about these nice memories I can not believe it is more than 40 years ago – Morten Hald

Photo credits to Morten HALD. These were taken between 1968-1970 and it is I who should thank Morten for the fond memories which I will always cherish.