Wiser… perhaps!

15 Jan 2010 – 60 years behind!

Washington Irving said that after a man passes 60, his mischief is mainly in his head, so thank goodness I am a woman 🙂

Thank you Kenson for his charming company and for yummy dinner at Amoy Street’s Huat Kee**** He said that 60 is an important age for the Chinese as from now on, one is supposed to be wise and respected! My comments-

Older definitely wiser – perhaps  respected… hmmm

Today I received a most touching email from Morten HALD (Linn & May‘s uncle in Norway) and that stirred my emotions that he remembered and took the time to write such kind compassionate words. He was only 15 when I first met him and today he is a renowned geology professor at the world’s most northern university, U of Tromsø. Thank you Morten for what you were and are. So blessed to know him and my children are lucky to have him as their uncle. Thank you everyone for all your greetings.

Today also marks the completion of 60 years of life. Will be flying to Columbia SC, USA to be with Linn & family. May will also be there from Norway. We will all be together for Katy‘s 8th Bday, Sophie‘s baptism and to mark my 60th Bday. Now if that is not CELEBRATIONS then what is?

Happy Bdays to Angie SOSA/USA and Snow, a well-trained, well-groomed and beautiful Samoyed. Samoyed are nomadic reindeer herders and was used for sledding, herding, guarding and keeping their owners warm, thus good natured. Do feel sorry for SNOW as his habitat is not in the tropics, but he is throughly compensated for by his owner, Angie LIM’s loving care and attention.

Fridtjof NANSEN believed that the use of sled dogs was the only effective way to explore the north and used Samoyeds on his polar expeditions. Roald AMUNDSEN used a team of sled dogs led by a Samoyed on the first expedition to reach the South Pole. And I shared my Bday cake with a Samoyed! Angie, thanks for the delicious cheesecake and appreciation to Adeline & SunSun (Isabelle’s nickname and she will be 2years 18 Jan) for organising a picnic at the SIN Botanic Gardens.

Life is like a dog sled team.  If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes – Lewis Grizzard

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