First Day in 2010

A Happy, Healthy & Wealthy 2010 – the year of the Tiger
Godt Nytt År

1 Jan 2010 – Start the year with high spirits!

Started the year walking in Changi Village with Sebastian CHOW who wanted to photograph the area. Fond memories from the 1950s (14 Sep/Time & Tide wait for no one & 15 Sep 2009/Ignorance of childhood- post search). Today, as I was taking pictures, thoughts from 2006 of Linn & family came to mind. Was checking out lodgings for her & her family then, as they were on transit to Banda Aceh and they had to be in SIN at the Changi area to attend daily briefings before heading on to BA.

By chance I stumbled upon Changi Commando Barracks/Roberts Barracks @Fairy Point Hill then. Unfortunately, did not have a camera with me (pictures downloaded from, but do remember roaming into the building to where it must have been a ballroom at one-time. People dancing and making merry flashed across me, and even the big band music was quite vivid for a split-second. Was it just my imagination? Just then, a snake slithered on the ground in front of me and really freaked me out. Took off like a bullet and have not given any thoughts about the incident until today.

The history and stories connected with this barracks and this area can literally stir your emotions and make your hairs stand. Have heard or read about the paranormal investigations for the old hospital and prison, but I had no knowledge about this barracks until after the snake encounter. The surrounding grounds are now under construction. According to the project title, the barracks on the hill-top will be conserved with additions and alterations. Can look forward to seeing real people making merry in the ballroom!

Appreciations to Sebastian for his company and patience with the havoc auntie 🙂 Looking forward to receiving his pictures.

Met another hobby photographer and he was shooting with more sophisticated equipments and a tripod. Refreshing to see people out enjoying nature on this sunny day; delighted to have stopped to chat. Thank you TEO Soon Haur for emailing the lovely parrot picture. My idiot-proof camera could never do justice to this beautiful bird.

There is no refuge from memory and remorse in this world. The spirits of our foolish deeds haunt us, with or without repentance – Gilbert Parker

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