Counsellor II


3 May 2009 – Ann & Mick Kiely

Thank you to Doris and her son Natty Nat for a delicious lunch in celebration of HimSuan & Karl’s 9th anniversary.

Ann and I attended Mr Quinlan’s Latin tuition in Dublin, 1965. Tonight she & her husband Mick will be arriving and looking forward to seeing them. We have kept in contact over the years and it will be fun showing SIN off during their 2 days visit. The last time we met was in 2004, at Brother Joseph McNally’s (1923-2002) Inauguration of Counsellor II, a bronze sculpture erected by the people of SIN in his memory (last row 1st picture: Mick, Brendan Lyons SIN 1st Irish Ambassador, myself & Ann).

The sculpture measuring 2.9m is situated on the grounds of the National Museum of Ireland-Country Life in Co Mayo, Ireland is a tribute to all the Irish De La Salle Brothers who by their life work in SIN have helped to transform SIN from a 3rd World to a 1st World country.

I know that the arts are an expression of spiritual values – Brother Joseph McNally

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