Babies to Save Our Legacy…


24 Apr 2009 – Today’s paper 18 Aug 2006 on Babies…

Currently Singapore’s citizens is 4.86 million. Of the 4 million smiles in the campaign, how many are really Singaporeans? Since figures are not my forte, will stay with the alphabets!

Once upon a time, Sang Nila Utama was shipwrecked on an island. Temesak (meaning sea town) was the island, then a calm, capacious, carefree, charming and comfortable fishing village. Was Sang Nila Utama high or was it due to poor eye sight that caused the confusion of a tiger to be a lion? Thus the illusion of a lion city continues to live happily ever after.

The colonial days chronicled ceremony, change, commotion, constitution and culture. Independence contributed to the 5Cs – car, cash, condo, credit card and country club. Have our statisticians and market researchers not taken into consideration with the configuration of the causes and consequences? Is it compatible to create more children in a concrete, competitive and commercial community where smiling and courtesy campaigns are necessary???

Enough of Cs. Will there be any dialogue with the Ds… in devil’s advocate (no derogatory intended)?

What! Can the devil speak true? – Macbeth/William Shakespeare 

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