Kuala Lumpur


21 Apr 2009 – Back in SIN

Took 50mins to fly from SIN to KL by AirAsia but 1hr to get by bus from the airport to the center. John Cheng from Hong Kong was traveling for his business appointments and I to visit nephew Larry LAM and 14th uncle LAM Tin Chong who connected me to relatives for my China trip next month. That will really help.

Talked to cousins from Jiangmen to inform them of my upcoming trip so as they can unlock the ancestor’s house for me to take pictures. Am looking forward to meeting up with long lost relatives whom I never knew existed. 

Many thanks to Peggy Tan for the use of her PJ Amcorp suite; to Larry for putting up with me and for blog info. Now I can again insert more thumbnails and the pictures will enlarge by clicking on it . What a beautiful sight to see the flock (very unusual as they usually fly solo) of eagles flying high from his living room; to Jimmy Tan for the ride and for taking time to chat with us on the way to the airport and to Mui Kar Choun for the driving & eating tours.

When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber – Winston Churchill

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