Pasir Ris Park


30 Apr 2009 – Happy Bday John Cheng 

In the midst of this confusing world with the swine flu pandemic alert etc, concerns and worries for the grand children’s generation are very valid; words are not good enough to convey emotions or thoughts within at present. Just wish and want all these bad news to go away… that too shall pass, but preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Am so out of focus that a simple brief for the HKG Royal Geographical Society AT Thru-Hike talk next week kept me awake until 0400hrs! Today 4 years ago, was the 1st day of the hike.

Spent yesterday at a Pasir Ris chalet with HimSuan, Karl Desouza, their 2 kids Mike (6) and Rachel (3) who are visiting from Goa. The heat made it quite impossible to be outdoor until late afternoon. Was such a pity that the sea was too polluted and the kids were unable to play with their water guns or swim in the water. But the Children’s Playground with giant space-nets, cable-ways and innovative play stations was a success. Pasir Ris=beach bolt-rope (Malay), implying a narrow beach. This charming and tranquil park features a carefully preserved 6-ha mangrove forest. Bird enthusiasts can also observe birds from the 3-storey high Bird Watching Tower.

Happy Bday to grand nephew Stanley LAM who became a teenager yesterday.

To a mother, a child is everything; but to a child, a parent is only a link in the chain of her existence – Benjamin Disraeli