Swine Flu


25 Apr 2009 – Another Pandemic?

The news reported of at least 68 deaths in and around Mexico City and have closed many public buildings, suspended public events plus launched a vaccination campaign. Karin Korkowski and her family lives in Mexico City. Karin, please take precaution and take good care. Hope that it will not be another pandemic. The worst pandemic happened in 1918, the Spanish Flu where between 50-100 million deaths were noted.

John Cheng left for Hong Kong yesterday and today I am expecting Garry Rogers from Sydney. Will catch up for a meal before visitors from Ireland next week. My new front-load LG washing machine is functioning well even-though off-white is not the same colour with the rest of my designs in the kitchen. The grey top-load was not possible as my flat is only constructed for the front-load plumbing… a learning experience to shop for a washing machine! If only we could wash away this new virus like dirty laundry!

The weather is overwhelming hot and without AC, it is extremely uncomfortable. Spending most of my time indoors in the library to access Internet or at home in my flat with the AC on. Feeling rather lethargic and unwilling to go out in this heat. How does anyone survive without AC in SIN??

In a pandemic, if it’s worldwide, you realize in the first five minutes of studying it that you’re on your own – Bob Kennedy