7 Apr 2009 – SS by SS

The Singapore Shawl by Shelley Siu…  what a tongue twister!

My feet are killing me. Was standing for at least 6 hrs daily for 6 days as one of the staff was on leave and I was helping with the SS sales counter at the Centrepoint’s Robinsons. What a learning experience, and I sympathise with my fellow salesperson. It is quite amazing that there are 6 floors at this Orchard Road’s Robinsons department store and the staff’s locker room is so small that it is claustrophobic when last shift takes leave.

In addition, was told curtly that even when there are no customers, I was not allowed to take pictures of my own display nor was not allowed to chat with the other salesperson or sit, even for 1 min!  If this is what it is like working in a SIN department store, it is no wonder that courteous and compassion campaigns are needed. Observations for 8 years showed that they are not effective on this rat-race island state & country.

Does Robinsons train supervisors to be without common sense? As you can see, my blog picture is of my display and I enjoyed myself with the other salesperson when there were no customers. Started working all my summer holidays during university days and have not stopped since, but do not ever recall being treated this way. Would you want to shop at a store where staff are treated like such?

The object of a salesperson is not to make sales, but to make customers – unknown

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  1. Wow, that’s alot of rules! I remember working at the Vidal Sassoon counter at CK Tangs while waiting for my A Level Results, it as hard work. And I was shy and timid. Not the best job for me at that time. I couldn’t wait for the day to end!

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