April Fool’s Day


1 Apr 2009 – All Fool’s Day

Many theories have been put forward about how the tradition began. Unfortunately, none of them are very compelling. So the origin of the custom of making April Fools remains as much a mystery to us as it was back in 1708. April Fool’s Day has all the characteristics of a renewal festival. For one day forms of behavior that are normally not allowed (lying, deception, playing pranks) become acceptable, and yet the disorder is bounded within a strict time-frame. Traditionally, no pranks are supposed to be played after 12 o’clock noon of the first, depending on which time zone!

Cyber security experts are warning that a new variation of Conficker, a fast-spreading computer worm also known as Downadup, could attack millions of computers on today. Experts say it’s unknown whether the worm will cause havoc or merely turn out to be an April’s Fool prank. But people can protect their computers by using security software.

The question of the day… are Apple computers more prone to worms??  Even if you do not have an Apple, please make sure that your security system is updated.

Foolproof systems do not take into account the ingenuity of fools – Gene Brown 

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