Serenity in Stone


30 Jan 2009 – Wilki & Patti

Yesterday, I met with cousin Wilki and wife Patti at the Peranakan Museum where we spent the whole morning in both the Peranakan sections and the Qingzhou Discovery-Serenity in Stone. I have seen them both but wonderful to learn more for each visit. Lunch at True Blue (upscale, price wise as well!) peranakan food with the ambiance and decor to match.

The last time Wilki was at the National Museum was probably when he left SIN in 1962. Should have served him his favourite drink before introducing him to the swinging red chandeliers! The walk from the museum thru’ Ft Canning Park to connect to Clarke Quay was quiet and peaceful with only a couple of people in our way. Ended the day with shopping and eating durians in Chinatown.

Thanks for a lovely visit, cousin. Will walk Changi Boardwalk and some of the Park Connectors for your next trip. You will be flying back home to Honolulu on Mon and I will be off to Kuching Sun. Safe journeys to us.

Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm

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  1. Glad you enjoy them… Kung Hay Fat Choy to you too. In the airport on my way to Kuching now.

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