Family Tree


1 Jan 2009 – LAM & TSENG

I have promised Linn & May that I will try to map out the family tree. The LAM branches have names on most but still missing photos. There are missing TSENG branches. My father is 1 of 18 and my mother is 5 of 10. Thanks to cousin Kathleen LEUNG, (daughter of 4 aunt TSENG Yoke Lan) who provided me with names in 1994.

That was 15 years ago and branches and leafs have since grown, stretching far and abundantly. I can now see a dim light at the end of the green tunnel after connecting with cousin Lanette LEE (daughter of 6 aunt TSENG Lai Lan). Thank you for her greetings which gave the incentive to gather more TSENG branches & leafs.

Grandparents generation:
LAM Song KEE+CHAN Swee Ngor and TSANG Wei Sun+TSE Kung Ying

Parents’ generation + spouses: 44 names

My generation+spouses: LAM present count 56; TSENG 1994 count 52

My children’s generation+spouses: LAM present count 50; TSENG 1994 count 53

My grandchildren’s generation: LAM present count 22: TSENG 1994 count 5

If you don’t know your family history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree – Michael Crichton