Eastern Coastal Park Connectors



9 Jan 2009 – Walking ECPC

Yesterday a¬†friend left at 0640hrs back to HKG as his mother’s condition deteriorated in the hospital. He only arrived the day before and had to turn around in less than 24hrs. Got up early to see him off in overcast & breezy weather, befitting the mood for a long walk.

Started from Marine Crescent to East Coast Park, a good 8km walk to link with the Coastal Park Connector/PC 8km, Changi PC 1.6km, Loyang PC 3.5km, Pasir Ris PC 2.3km, Tampines PC 6km and Siglap PC 6.3km. The PCs are well-maintained and marked with PCN (Park Connector Network) on the concrete surfaces but they are hard on the feet & knees in spite of my cushion-arched Chaco sandals.

There was slight discomfort on the knees but on the whole, a good experience. Miss the real nature and peace; convenient with civilization always around the corner or across the road. The section most deafening to the ears was the Coastal PC where the path is parallel to the airport’s runways’ solo walker! Will now invest in a bicycle and a membership in the Katong Swimming Complex before exploring the other connectors.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body – Joseph Addison