Kung Hay Fat Choy-Happy CNY


27 Jan 2009 – Back in SIN

After flying 2 n fr 4 diff airports MCO, DTW, NRT & SIN, I m finally in my HDB flat getting ready 4 2nd day of CNY celebrations. TTYL

My friend in Florida and I are trying to see how many abbreviations, chat lingo and acronyms we can fit into one sentence. Well Nancy, here is to you and hang in there. 

Spelt in full- After flying to and from four different airports Orlando (the name of the airport is McCoy), Detroit, Narita (Tokyo airport) and Singapore, I am finally in my Housing Developing Board (public housing in Singapore) flat getting ready for second day of Chinese New Year celebrations. Talk to you later.

FEAR is an acronym in the English language for False Evidence Appearing Real – Neale Donald Walsch