Cold Sunny Florida


19 Jan 2009 – OrlandoMCO

After over 27 hours in planes and at airports, how can one even think or see clearly? Watched 3 movies from SIN to TokyoNRT. Sat next to a young fellow Singaporean from NRT to Minneapolis St PaulMSP who was on her way to Wichita. What does one do in Wichita? By the time we started to chat, I was rushing to catch my flight to MCO. Joanne, thanks for sharing your gum, came in good time for the landing to prevent my ears from popping. 

From MSP (snow on the runways) to MCO, the preboarding announcement was with appropriate humour! Ladies & gentlemen, we do not preboard families with children. Everyone going to MCO are families with children! Memories of MCO from the late 1980s when I was working for Delta Airlines (now merged with Northwest), automatic flush toilets were just installed.  This kid in a cubicle commented with excitement… mommy, we are in Disney Land with the magic toilets.

Love can sometimes be magic but magic can sometimes just be an illusion – Javan

2 thoughts on “Cold Sunny Florida

  1. Hi Aunty Amy,

    Luv the quote : luv can sometimes just be an illusioin….

    Afterall life itself is an illusion too isn’t it? 😛

    thinking of you

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