Park Connectors


5 Jan 2009 – Holidays over

It is peaceful that life is back to normal after the holiday season. Schools started today and I can be at the Marine Parade Library or walk by the East Coast Park without the crowd and noise; have been avoiding those places to keep sane. Shop as little as possible in Dec and when I have to do my grocery, will do it at the time when it is less crowded. How oh how am I going to survive in this maddening crowd?

Discovered that I could do a 36km walk on the eastern coastal park connector. Have to find out more about them and see if I will manage to walk that distant in this heat. On a weekday evenings, the lights go off at midnight for some of the connectors. And if I want to complete the 36km at one go, it will have to be in the weekend when all the connectors are lit all night. Knowing how I dislike the crowd and the heat, this will be questionable.

The man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back to the crowd –
James Crook

One thought on “Park Connectors

  1. When I was running through the Bedok Reservoir connector last night at 7.30pm, the lights were completely out. I think they’re replacing the lights these couple of days but it was dark and spooky, I sprinted along that 500m stretch. I had never ran so fast in my life!

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