19 Jun 2008 – Norwegian

Names beginning- Aker Akersgaten/Akers Rd, Akershusfestning/Akershus Fortress, Akerselva, etc are in Akershus county, elva means the river. Norwegian have words spelt together into one long word like the Internet format, except that this language goes way back! According to Johan Sydseter, the longest Norwegian word is minoritetsbærerdiffusjonskoeffisientsmål (53 letters)=device for measuring the distance

Met with Stig, a friend I have not seen since I moved from Norway over 23 years ago. It was a pleasant walk from the library along Akerselva to Noah’s Ark, a pub & cafe. Was thinking about the recent floods. Mother Nature’s fury with the earthquakes, hurricanes. monsoons, rains etc has devastating consequences. In confusion & apprehension… global warming or otherwise? Hope that the LAM ancestors’ home in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, China will be in tact for my hopeful visit in 2009. Safe journeys to May‘s China study trip. She left on Tue and will be back in Aug.

Pictures from left to right: Akersgaten (ting- a shop with trendy designs and blur ting was in my thoughts), Akershusfestning entrance,  Akerselva, Akerselva (Mølleren/The Mill, a restaurant in the background) and Noah’s Arch (interesting painting in the pub).

If the mortality rate seems high, we must realise that Nature is a ruthless teacher. There are no second chances in Mother Nature’s Survival Course – 
William Burrough 

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  1. Thanks for the little education on names. I always have great difficulty with the pronounciations.

    The photos are gorgeous and I love the colourful building that Ting A Shop is situated in. 🙂

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