1 Jun 2008 – Oslo

Fri- arrived on a beautiful summer day at noon and was met by Kari, my first Norwegian girlfriend whom I met in my Dublin days and is now also a grandmother of 3. May had to work and I met her at the gallery in time to close. It has been more than a year ago I last saw her and good to see her knowledgeable about the contemporary art in the gallery she works when not in classes at the university. A pleasant evening catching up. Jetlag but managed to stay awake until midnight.

Sat- unpacked, unwind and getting used to all the changes, especially the time. It was still bright when we took an evening stroll after 2100hrs to Oslo City Hall designed by May‘s great-grandfather. The summer evenings here are wonderful when the weather is cooperating.

Sun- lunched at Ingrid & Hans Kristian’s who were our neighbours from Tromsø. We became friends then and still are. As usual, Ingrid dished up a delicious spread. They have recently added an outdoor terrace, fireplace and swimming pool to their beautiful villa; an inviting swim refreshed both body & mind. May & Marianne, our youngest daughters were both born in 1978, Tromsø and it is difficult to imagine that Marianne will be getting married 9 Aug.

It is by chance that we met, by choice that we became friends – Mother Wintermoon