15 Jun 2008 – Happy Bday & Father’s Day

Today, my father would have been 97 and the children’s grandfather here is 85. Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day to all fathers.

Both Linn & May were baptised in Norway. The Church of Norway also known as the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway, is the state church to which 83% of Norwegians are members. Was told then that it was more a tradition than the belief. When Linn turned 16, she decided to be confirmed to be a believer. May decided otherwise.

Pictures from left to right: Oslo Domkirke/Oslo Cathedral, St Olav Domkirke, Trefoldighetskirken/Holy Trinity Church and Holmen kirke where Linn & May were baptised.

Cogito ergo sum: Latin, I think therefore I am – Rene Descartes