Architect & Doctors

4 Jun 2008 – Magnus POULSSON & John HALD

Linn & May are great-grand daughters of the renowned architect Magnus POULSSON (their paternal grandmother’s father) who designed Oslo City Hall & Sandvika Town Hall (middle pix) + many well-known buildings in Norway. Their paternal great great-grand father Dr John HALD was the first director of Ullevål University Hospital; great-grand father, director of Martin Hansen’s Hospital; grandfather, built up Tromsø’s Orthopedic department; father John HALD lV, a neuro-radiologist at Rikshospitalet. Linn & May will have much to learn about their extensive families.

Met with Mette BACKER and walked to the new opera house which is ultra mordern. If there is enough snow during the winters, one can go downhill skiing on the roofs! In the early 80s, we traveled to Ibiza when I was at the lowest point of my life and became friends ever since. Shared a bottle of white wine with shrimp salad at an outdoor cafe on this delightful afternoon, chatting and watching life go by – one of our favourite past- times 🙂

Today I have grown taller for walking with trees – Karl Backer