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27 Apr 2008

Sat- Yun and I walked all afternoon to explore the area. It is no wonder that Lock & May bought a condo around St Lawrence Market where the food produce are of fantastic quality. George Brown Culinary School where Minos graduated with other famous sous-chefs is also in the neighbourhood. The financial district with Royal Bank Toronto, a golden skyscraper glittering between the taller skyscrapers contributed to a Kodak moment. Did not even realised that the public transport TTC was on strike until we saw the newspapers’ headlines while walking. No wonder the roads were filled with cars but no street cars or buses in sight.

Sun- visited 5 aunt Kim with Yun & Chai when she said that life was like a faraway dream. Was she having some flash backs with that comment? Chai & I walked to Kensington Market, a very cosmopolitan area with all kinds of street music performance;  thru’ the charming University of Toronto grounds at Hart House where Dike & Mark got married; Queen’s Park where a group of FalunDafa’s brass band  was performing the national anthem with the police on horseback watching! It was good to catch up with news about each other and great to see that he is doing well. The TTC called off the strike but it was too beautiful an afternoon to be on a street car.

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream – Edgar Allen Poe 

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