12 Apr 2008 – Vancouver

Thu- appreciation to cousin Edith, 15 uncle’s second daughter who met me and put me up for the evening. She flies for Air Canada and will be heading to London.

Fri & Sat- a wonderful time catching up with cousin Yeng, 13 aunt’s eldest daughter and her delightful family with an exceptionally talented 12 going on to 13 years old daughter Jieqing, whose company is such a pleasure. It has been 17 years ago since I met Yeng & Zhaoming at my father’s 80 Bday in SIN. They have now bought a charming house and doing some work to it. The garage is just the size of a house I would like!

Granville Island, a trendy & artsy place is a colourful & enjoyable experience. Stanley Park- with 1,000acres of scenic views is not possible for me to hike in a day! Thank you for everything Yeng & Zhaoming.

Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye… it also includes the inner picture of the the soul – Edward Munch

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