7 Apr 2008 – Haleiwa, Manoa & Kaneohe

Sat- a scenic drive with Mike to visit his relatives at Sunset Beach, Haleiwa. Thank you Jim for the hospitality and for showing me his beautiful woodwork. Trees and the use of their material never fail to catch my attention & interest. Took a wrong turn on the way back to Manoa, apologies to cousin David for the late arrival to his cook-out.

Sun- the background noise of firecrackers from the hills brought back fond memories of the Chinese New Year, except that it is now Ching Ming- meaning clear & bright which is a happy time for Chinese families to get together to visit the ancestors’ graves and show respect for them. Cousins David & Wilki’s paternal grandfather was buried in Manoa.

Magnificent rainbow after the morning rains in Manoa. Besides Aloha & Pineapple, HI is also known as the Rainbow State. The beauty of rainbows seem illusional and can only be seen from a distant, lasting for only a short moment, hmm… sounds abit like love! Appreciation to Wilki & Patty for a panoramic drive and lovely home dinner in Kaneohe with the good company of David, Shelly, Mike & Charles. Safe journeys to Mike who departs for LA tomorrow.

Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun & the rain to make its colours appear – unknown

3 thoughts on “Rainbow

  1. As long as the illusion last… your blog makes me miss the local food, so some beauty for the eyes until I can return for my rojak 🙂

  2. It’s funny. Mother Hen’s husband has been eating rojak everyday since he came back this time. He didn’t even like rojak in the past. I guess you can get Chinese food in USA but not rojak.

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