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15 Oct 2023: And More Food

Thu: first bus36 0600hrs to airport to meet Bill&Harry who are on a layover on their to Indonesia. SQ from ZRH arr ahead of schedule and managed to get to T3 after they got out of immigration and their luggage stored. An active day started with a short walk on EC-Pk,MeePok-breakfast@MT-Hawkers,CC,lunch@Chinatown.

Besides the heat&haze, hope that the durians in Chinatown are not the cause of their short layover here! If not for them would not have discovered that the Skytrain T3⇄T2(newly renovated) runs thru’ Jewel with a nice view of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, the RainVortex. Safe onwards journey to them.

Since already here, took the opportunity to explore

what is around the newly revamped T2 and took the free shuttle to T4 for a bowl of an OK bowl of SarawakKoloMee, 

Fri: a day to meditate&relax

Sat: visiting bro Steven@UMC/Queensway and to spend the day with his branch of the family.

An afternoon&evening of catching up&eating(SIN past-time!)around the Suntec area. FishMaw PigStomach ChickenSoup/FoodRepublicS$8.80 – this broth is milky&yummy and has a full-bodied flavour, the result of hours of simmering pork and chicken bones.

Café Downstairs 楼下 is literally located downstairs now, at the basement of SuntecCity/FountainCourt – OK food. Downstairs, Suntec City: A void deck to lepak, feast, and reminisce your yesteryears (

HarrisAnn – memories from their flagship outlet in the 1950s, now still located at the TiongBahruFoodCentre, also friends of 10auntie then and they have certainly expanded island-wild now. Nieces&nephew remember eating their GlutinousRice bought by their mother when they were younger.

PatisserieG/MilleniaWalk – good cakes, could only taste one bite after a whole afternoon of eating! Patisserie G (Millenia Walk) – 47 Reviews, Photos, Location (

Sun: if AGE has to do with thoughts on WAR, then the idealism from the younger Flower-Power-days of PEACE are still strongly within by hopes.prayers&thoughts. Thank goodness for Family&Friends who are here to pull&see me thru’…

IMAGINE. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) – John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band (with the Flux Fiddlers) HD – YouTube

We’ve all heard those aging misconceptions about how growing old means growing sick and forgetful. But like most stereotypes, myths about aging are also wrong. As we get older, it’s important to understand the reality of aging, including the positive aspects that come with it. You’ll see that growing older isn’t necessarily accompanied by life-limiting declines in health, and that, actually, you can be very happy at this stage of your life.

While it’s true that memory does decline with age and some do experience extreme forms of cognitive impairment, it’s incorrect to say that all seniors become forgetful. And some seniors do struggle with bone density issues or chronic diseases, it’s possible to stay healthy and fit with good eating habits, regular weight-bearing exercise, and a generally healthy lifestyle.

Some genetic factors may influence the likelihood of some diseases, the majority of aging comes down to how an individual lives their life. People with unhealthy lifestyles are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases than their healthy counterparts, and things like exposure to toxins, diet, and exercise all play a role. It’s true that your metabolism gets slower, weight gain in seniors is not a given. The key is to adjust habits by eating smarter and exercising.

Can those face creams and topical treatments really reverse the effects of aging? Well, it depends. There are some products with an acid component, as well as treatments offered by dermatologists, that exfoliate the top layers of skin, making it look smoother. But this is only temporary. You can, however, protect your skin by not smoking, drinking water, and wearing sunscreen.

Many people believe that seniors are unable to drive a car. The truth is, however, that many seniors continue to drive well into their golden years, and only one in seven seniors report not being able to drive.

There’s a common misconception that seniors are always unhappy. In fact, multiple studies have shown that happiness generally begins to increase after age 50. Many seniors are incredibly invested in learning new hobbies, meeting new people, and taking up new pastimes.

After the kids are all grown up, many actually feel higher levels of happiness than many people expect. Plus, many have grandchildren and extended families to enjoy time within their golden years.

The biggest myths you may believe about aging (

Cheerful memories from Mar2011HKG trip@Johnny’s – pix credits to Harry. What a Wonderful Life! – Here-There-Everywhere – This-That-Everything (
I ordered a glass of wine and the server asked for my ID. I replied: ‘Do I look that young’ and she said: ‘No, just wanted to see if you qualified for the Senior-Citizen-Discount’

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