Climate Change

3 Oct 2023 – From Floods To Fires

Sat: what in the world is happening??? Just read about the floods in NYC/USA and dropped off a message to niece Kat to make sure that she&her family are safe – pix uploaded. Heavy Rains Bring Flash Floods as New York City Declares State of Emergency – WSJ

Messaged to wish niece Daisy a HappyBday to realize that she is vacationing in Athens/Greece and to also have read about wide fires on the island of Evia near Athens, fortunately she is not affected – pix uploaded. Greece battles deadly wildfires near Athens and on Evia island – BBC News

The haze here lately has been not good(as observed on Thu-night from NBL-Level16), and I am hearing more news about the fires in Indonesia. It’s no wonder that my asthma has been acting up – pix uploaded. Coughing babies, DIY-firefighting farmers: Anger rising among locals in South Sumatra as province battles forest fires – CNA ( 

In sober language, the IPCC set out the devastation that has already been inflicted on swathes of the world. Extreme weather caused by climate breakdown has led to increased deaths from intensifying heatwaves in all regions, millions of lives and homes destroyed in droughts and floods, millions of people facing hunger, and “increasingly irreversible losses” in vital ecosystems – pix uploaded.

Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s too late | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Climate change affects everyone’s health, but arguably, respiratory patients are among the most vulnerable. These are people who already experience breathing difficulties and they are far more sensitive to our changing climate – Zorana Jovanovic Andersen, professor of environmental epidemiology at the University of CPH/Denmark. 

Sun: tkx for visit Hannah, exciting to hear about their adventures in East Timor also known as Timor-Leste (formally a Portuguese colony) officially the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. Interesting as it sounds, will not be in my list – pix uploaded. East Timor country profile – BBC News

Mon: hair-cut@Roots/EliasMallS$20,groceryS$66@Giant/Tampines and dinner+dessert with Helen@IKEAS$33.

Tue: fortunate&grateful to be picked as a volunteer for the DementiaResearch for an early appt having to catch the bus during the school-rush-hour, but in time to get this nice shot thru’ the clinic’s window-shades.

First time in the area and this new interesting  building@ClinicalScienceBuilding/LKC-Medicine on MandalayRd by TanTockSengHospital.

Appointment went on schedule&smooothly lasting from 09.30-12noon with blood test+NeuropsychologicalAssessments. Next appointment in a year’s time and in the meanwhile, let’s hope that there will not be any more incidental findings this time round.

Advances in medicine and agriculture have saved vastly more lives than have been lost in all the wars in history – Carl Sagan

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