Triggering The Memory

7 Oct 2023 – Happenings,Places&Visuals

Wed: thanks for visit from Gel catching up with news&updates. Made a simple soup,pasta,salad+fresh fruits for dinner, the mood for dining out was not there and just as well. Hearing&listening to her brought back some traumatic repressed memories long buried, but with thoughts&hopes that whatever has&is happening will make us compassionate,stronger&wiser ppl.

Thu: morning CTscan@SGHS$743.10 subsidy520.17 paid167.26. Tkx to Clement for lunch@GreatNayang/Chinatown – decent foods with a nostalgic touch seemingly popular for many nowadays.

Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe Review: New Kopitiam-Cafe By Yang Ming Seafood Founder |

Exploring about to check out what is new around Craig,Duxton,Neil,YanKitRds –  memory is triggered whenever passing by there the formal YanKitPool, now YanKitPlayfield. Yan Kit Swimming Complex | Remember Singapore

MondrianHotel with good view of Chinatown from their rooftop’s infinity pool(Level13) and nice suites(Level3) by the lush reflecting water.

Fri: chatting online with friends to catch up: Aisha tells me that her son, Daniel is 24today and in Berlin/Germany – does not seem that long ago when she was pregnant with him! Wiggs is now in E-Aus enjoying her first trip there, reminded her to take care of her feet if she walks barefoot on the beach. Somehow if not for this pix of sun-burnt feet! memories might not have surfaced – marveling at the idea of these StickyFeet that got me thru’ a trip back then sometime in the late 1980s…

Sat: Happy BDay dear bro Les – really 81yrs today! seems like yesterday when we were kids running around the grounds@5TemenggongRd&MtFaber-hahaha

Appreciations&tkx to Les&Ivy for early Bday dinner last night – most scrumptious Surf&Turf done to perfection and well paired with an excellent bottle of 2001 Château Rayas Châteauneuf-du-Pape Reserve. Hardly drink nowadays, but this one is irresistible!

Blessings, a gift from above,
A reminder, of our connection and love,
A link, to something greater than ourselves,
A bond, that strengthens and compels.

For blessings, connect us to the world,
To our loved ones, to the stories unfurled,
To the beauty, that surrounds us each day,
To the hope, that never fades away.

They remind us, that we are not alone,
That we are part of something greater, yet unknown,
That our actions, can have a positive impact,
And that love, is the ultimate contract.

For blessings, bring us closer together,
Through the joys, and through the weather,
Through the ups, and through the downs,
They keep us grounded, and unbound.

They connect us, to the beauty of nature,
To the rhythm of life, that’s so pure,
To the miracles, that happen every day,
To the wonder, that never fades away.

Let us honor, the blessings so true,
And the connection, that they imbue,
For they remind us, of the power of love,
And the beauty, that’s always above.