20 Oct 2023 – Friday, Just Another Day!

Mon: Halloween gift baskets orders out to USA.

Tue: Thai food on the menu for tonight’s dinner. Authentic decent food@RosLamul/379GuillemardRd tkx to grandnephew for recommendations. Was eyeing their raw seafood/Crab salad ยำาปูม้า'(with fond memories of cousin David) from the next table but would be tempting fate to try-hahaha.

Ros-Lamul-Menu-2021.pdf (

Evening walk towards PayaLebarMRT&bus stop passing by some nice lights imitating fireflies, such a good idea but difficult to take clear pix with the constant-moving-lights.

Wed: tkx to 1st-born for this serene quote, she knows me well, hahaha! Do miss them all+the fall colours. Finally, the long-awaited rains fell helping to lessen the haze&heat for the afternoon, no matter how brief!

Sometimes you need to sit lonely on the floor in a quiet room in order to hear your own voice and not let it drown in the noise of others ― Charlotte Eriksson

Thu: started with a visit to 17auntie in the ICU@SGH-Block5 who had a second brain hemorrhage within 24 hours – praying for a miracle. Caught up with cousins AmyK/widow of ChengChawn, ChengLoon/Calvin and nephew, his son Jayden who arr a few days ago from Brisbane/Australia. Continued with my appt at the LungCentre-Block3 – new inhaler for asthma and took both flu&PPSV23 vaccines in addition to new appt to the GastroDep for Jan2024, efficient hospital afternoon.

Met with Clement to shop@CC for his new Chacos. OK Chicken-Biryani-dinner at the newly revamped TekkaMarket – trying out a new stall.

Little India’s lights are ready for Deepavali/Diwali(12Nov)but will not be going near there anytime from now of the near future, especially in the weekends! Above pix will not be shared on FB until 12Nov.

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. WOW&THANKS to RichardY who has documented all my Fridays since Jan2023, with an error which has now been corrected. 29Jul2023 was indeed a Sat, an oversight with time-zones jet-lags then! Only one very observant person noticed it.

Early grocery shopping@GiantS$36 including promoS$15.60&SenSavS$1.11+fresh produce@MT-WetMarketS$8. Another relaxing afternoon with brief rains.