18 Jul 2023 –  Hello Anne & Roar

Sat: a beautiful day starting breakfast feasting on Anne’s delicious fresh bakes with an amazing view from their house@Hoemshøgda.

Running a few errands and paying respects to Roar’s parents@TillerKirkegård. Not sure what is going on in his mind, but there seems to be some recognition in his eyes&smile. Sad as it is, the few consolations are that he has a good appetite, sleeps well, and does not seemed to be in pain.

Delightful afternoon 3k-hike@Baklidammen to&fro Lavollen when Roar just walked way ahead of us like there was no tomorrow despite having great difficulties to get up after sitting down.

Such an idylic&serene location with a charming shelter by the carpark, Anne chatting with a local – hahaha!

Sad new to hear that one of the their family’s friend son(13) drowned on this lake where we drove by to pay our respects.

More sad news from KevinBennett. Condolences with prayers&thought to Kevin for the loss of his wife and to Cody&Zak for the loss of their mother – RIP dear Tiffany.

There is not an easy way to do this, but wanted to let you know that we lost Tiffany last night. She went into cardiac arrest after being at the pool, and they could not bring her back. Go hug your loved ones tight – Kevin, Cody, and Zakira

How is it possible that within less than 1month the world has lost 3young wonderful ppl/TanjaKober, OlavSellesbukk, TiffanyBennet. In memory of lives so beautifully lived&hearts so deeply loved.

Sun: Anne was planning for a walk this morning, but could not wake Roar until dinner time, just before their guests AnneBritt&Olav stepped into the house.

Tkx to Anne for a yummy 3-course dinner.

Mon: Anne&I had some time to ourselves today while Roar was@the nursing home for the day. Tram ride into town to Rockheim=RockHome, Norway’s national museum for popular music from the 1950s to the present. Interesting as it is, the visuals inside made me dizzy+not my taste for music which gave me a headache.

Exploring around this new side of town, Brattørkaia so as to find my way to the train station early tomorrow. Modern sculpture(2016) What Does the Fjord Say by artist Stale Sorensen, inspired by Beatles’YellowSubmarine. Large cruise-ship in port does tempt me even if given a free ride! First time in this area, and first time seeing how an electrical bus is being charged.

A cuppa+a bite on this colourful pedestrian road before heading for the tram back to NordreHoemNOK32S$4Senior

Memories from 2010 trip here at the old town…

Tue: appreciations&thanks to Anne&Roar for their gracious hospitality for this time round. 07.49hrs trainNOK659S$87~9hrs to Fauske – similar trip taken nearly 13yrs ago. 

Leaving Hoemshøgda with a heavy heart on the first morning tram 0622hrs into town. Lovely stroll across Nidelva heading to the train station for the 07.49hrs train

Pirates on board, but not to rob, this time to entertain the kids and they did good job doing so on this 9hr journey.

Had a cuppa with wafler+jam as we crossed the ArcticCircle – have lost count of the number of times crossing this imaginary circle!

Had 1+hr layover@Fauska to sit down quietly for a salad in anticipation of amazing views ahead and hoping&praying for weathers to enable for me to remind me of those mountains ahead.

Bus from Fauska-Bognes(~3hrs)NOK234S$30 with a 15mins stop@Innhavet where I once overnight, but now the snake-charmer is no longer but the view are just as spectacular as how I remembered.

The crossing across Tysforjden(~20mins) is as remembered with those mts straight up from the fjords where no words will justify them and you have to be there to feel the grandeur with the splendour&impressiveness.

Continued into Narvik to arr 23.15hrs finding the bus terminal closed there. With 6+hrs layover, thought perhaps there was a possibility to get a room@ScandicHotel(~5mins walk from the terminal). The kind young handsome receptionist told me that I could snooze at the lounge upstairs from the reception area undisturbed. What a lovely person to cross this life journey to add to my memories.

We forget time, we forget age but unforgettable memories are always remembered.

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