22 Jul 2023 – The Land Of The Midnight Sun

Wed: 05.35hrs bus from Narvik-Tromsø(slept most of the way)~4hrsNOK257S$34 arr into Tromsø to be met by Claire@TromsdalenBruvegen near the church. Nice to catch up with the view of Tromsdalstinden, a familiar sight from the living room of 1970s-Tromsø days. Today it is still teasing me with its hike&seek game! Gråsteinbit/Gray catfish/WolfFish(AnarhichasLupus), the largest species of the catfish group was the catch of the day for Johan’s spear-fish trip,

Thu: delightful walk to discovered another MaritBockelie’s work on the wall of house on the way into town to Dragøy for Sei/Pollock(Pollachius virens) to be our dinner tonight.

Tkx Claire for this yummy rich chocolate pie+fruitT – looks like this sea-gull too is enjoying its day in town…

Glad to catch up with Hazel&Richard. Touching to see Johan(24) playing chess with his grandfather(94), such a charming man with many words now compared to the academician with few words in his younger days. Eva, is here from OSL for Buktafestivalen 

Fri: down memory lane to Kvamstykket. The YouthHostal is no longer, now a kindergarten. The row of garage on the slope is gone, and #2&4 are replaced with a brown building. Thank goodness the view of Tromsdalstinden will always be.

Checked out this new development by the bridge

to discover Løkta, a delightful little lighthouse

where there was no one, somewhere quiet with a view – why it was not known to me all those years when I lived here and visits is a mystery! Have now been told that it came after my TromsøDays

Appreciations&tkx to Cathrine&Torgrim for gathering her siblings to a lovely evening for peel to eat shrimps on this last night where the sun did not set…

Night was coming on again; the sun just dipped into the sea and rose again, red, refreshed, as if it had been down to drink. I could feel more strangely on those nights than anyone would believe – Knut Hamsun

Onwards to Kvaløya to spend some time with Laila&Morten.

Sat: appreciations to them for putting me up over the weekend

in their lovely place with idyllic&serene surroundings here@Småslette.

Short drive to Ersfjord for more scenic sight that Morten had me in the pix to remind that it is not a postcard!

Proud grandfather Morten with his #5grandchild, Marie(baby to Liv&Ovind) who ate up the steamed Sei(Pollock)+rice I made for dinner.

Goodnight sun now that it is the end of the midnight sun and it can go below the horizon, but still not dark…

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