Best of Northern Norway

30 Aug 2010 – Innhavet-Tromsø-Kvaløya

Overnight Thu night at the only hotel at Innhavet on E6 but one would never realize that it is the main highway E6 from Oslo to Kirkenes, even with a room facing the main road!

Fri: waited for the bus with a snake charmer and a few cartoon characters… being in Norway means that the bus arrives on time, 1035hrs.

Ulvsvåg onwards, WOW is the only word for the scenery… pictures here speak for themselves. The car-ferry from Bognes to Skarberget (the only car-ferry on E6) took app 25mins. 40yrs ago, only the drivers are allowed to drive the vehicles on and all passengers had to walk on the ferry. Got off the bus but was told to stay on – asked if we did not have to get off but was told that it another life-time ago with that rule! The scenery have not changed, they are as beautiful as it was 40yrs ago. Did not take pictures then; catching up now, even with the reflections from the bus window!!

Glad to have stopped and had a good night sleep. The views continue to be spectacular. Arrived into Narvik 1345hrs and waited for the bus to Tromsø departing at 1530hrs.

Arrived into Tromsø 1945hrs and was met by Morten HALD (L&M’s uncle) who drove us out to their country house on Kvaløya… now connected by bridge to Tromsø. Had to take the car-ferry in the 1970s. Kvaløya is an island in the Norwegian municipality of Tromsø, it has an area of 737 sqkm/285 sqmi, pop app 10,000 is a popular recreation area with great coastal scenery.

Sat: out walking all day picking berries in the mountains across the road from the house.

Sun: a lovely visit from Cathrine HALD (L&M’s auntie) & family/5 children and Ingvild HALD (L&M’s cousin) & family/3 children.

Spent a wonderful evening catching up with Claire ARMSTRONG & family/2 children. Claire baby-sat L&M in the 1970s and even traveled with us to SIN to help me out. Is it possible that she has children about the same age as when she used to baby-sit my children 🙂

Time goes, you say?  Ah no!
Alas, Time stays, we go – Henry Austin Dobson

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