Train To Bergen

13 Jul 2023 – Self-pick Strawberries 

Sun: wild strawberries taste so different from these farm-cultivated, but it would take a whole day and still not get anywhere near the amount at the self-pick strawberry farm. Family here should have enough strawberry-jam in the freezer to get them thru’ the winter

Mon: running errands the whole day was tiring in the lovely warm weathers, but pleased to discover that the cobbler who mend the shoes that fell apart in Iceland – nearly 9yrs ago are still intact and now hoping that this other pair which also fell apart will also stay intact for my PEI hike!

Checking out what is on sale and what is new in these shops and the preference is still shopping@Bogstadveien, where there are less crowds compared to KarlJohangate, but had to go there anyway and still did not find what was needed!

Tue: picking up shoes from the cobbler and prescriptions for the year before heading away from OSL for the next 10days. Paid my respects to discover another Hald family’s gravestone? besides the one I know of! Need to ask the family when I am in Tromsø. The landmark is the Celtic-Cross gravestone(not usual here n Norway, the only other one I know of is in Bryn kirkegård where HelgaAarflot is buried – he saw that on a trip in Ireland and had requested for it before he passed on.

Train to Bergen~7hrs NOK300 S$40 left OsloS on time on a wet evening and hoping to catch a bus to Trondheim over the weekend – 2above pix downloaded.

Wed&Thu: no deep sleep, but managed to snooze, looks wet&cold at~040.0hrs, but bright enough that it was beautiful&stunning in my sleepy eyes!~20mins delayed arr into Bergen 07.00 instead of 06.44hrs due to rockslide on the track – better delay than never!

Time goes faster the more hollow it is. Lives with no meaning go straight past you, like trains that don’t stop at your station ― Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Lovely stroll with a nice breeze wandering after a cuppa&the use of a restroom@the mall across the rail station. No problems finding Torill’s apt located conveniently in the central of town on the 6thFloor.

3 oldest church – names to be updated

Lunched@the public library. Appreciations&thanks to my private tourist guide, Torill(friend&ex-neighbour from our Piggsoppgrenda days/1980s) and for putting me up during this visit. Good to catch up.

Fri: direct bus to Trondheim no longer exist, would need to take a bus to Lillehammer and change to the train with little time to change, and also not much difference price from flyingNOK1,088 S$143. Looks like it will have to be the plane to Trondheim instead of bus as hoped! A short walk to taste Bergen’s yummy famous Hjertefiskekaker=HeartFishCakes

a walk about around the old CityHall which is charming and has personality, unlike the new CityHall which is nothing to write home about and not worth taking pix of!

Interesting ride on light-rail/tramNOK20 S$3/Senior(~13stop,45mins) to the airport. Before every stop, different music from a bar or 2 followed by the name of the station is announced – could only picked up the music from these  2stations Hop/Grieg A-MinorPianoConcerto+Nesttun sentrum/KanskjeKommerKongen. First time at this airport with enough time to have lunch but still managed to lose my boarding pass, for the first time!

Norwegian flight for ~1hr flight on a full plane with a crying baby!!!delayed~30mins. TrondheimFlybuss-Værnes-ekspressenNOK110S$15Senior~30mins/25k driving thru’4tunnels, the first being HellTunnel(for real) heading to Solsiden to be met by Anne&Roar – pix downloaded. The irony of life, from Hell to the SunnySide-hahaha!

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