8 Jul 2023 – Høyt og Lavt Oslo Sommerpark 

Wed: memories from 11+yrs ago on a similar adventure in SIN https://amylamsg.com/2012/03/25/what-an-adventure/

but now for #3&6 in Norway, tempting, but do not think that the heart or the joints will be happy with me if I attempt to try out these fun ziplines, etc – have reached an age where my mind says, I can do that but my body says, try it & you’ll be sorry, hahaha!

Grandmother should not tempt fate, so best to sit in the café on this make-believe chairlift to enjoy the moments watching the young ones’ turn having their adventure.  https://hoytlavt.no/oslo/

It is so tempting to try the most difficult thing possible – Lady Randolph Churchill

Exited to discover about Wyllerløypa, an alpine ski slope here. The name comes from the alpinist&fighter pilot Andreas Wyller (1919–1944), who built the trail in the 1930s. He lost his life in war service during a reconnaissance tour. He was also a relative by marriage of L&Ms paternal Norwegian family – MonaHALD married TomWYLLER.

The first race in the Wyller track was held in 1956. The track was closed in 1965, but reopened in 1976 with a chair lift . The drop height is 381 meters and the length is 1400 meters. Bakken is part of Skimore Oslo, which is a year-round activity park. The facility is run by Tryvannwyller AS and includes 18 slopes and eleven lifts, including Tryvannskleiva (opened in 1933) and Tårnbakken on the north side of Tryvannshøgda.

Thu: byebye on this wet Thursday, safe journeys to Linn&#3 back to the USA for now until Sep when we will have a few days together before having to cross the pond back to SIN. It was such a treat to hear #5&6 gaming together on Facetime in their still sweet innocent voices&boyish faces – good to know that they get along well. #5 is having a blast visiting the theme-parks with his paternal grandfatherTerry and step-grandmotherDee in FL/USA.

Fri: a day to square away laundry, etc and a quieter day after the US-flock flew off. Poor May&Bjørn who have been having visitors non-stop since mid May on top of moving and a new puppy!

Hopefully they will get some time quality together next week when #6 goes off to camp and I will taking the train to Bergen(2nights), bus to Trondheim(2-3nights),train&bus to Tromsø(2-3nights), and flying back to OSL for another road trip to Stavanger. This time round to try out the 2Michelin**restaurant RENAA with SIN-Chef MathewLeong


Nice walk, but the cherries are really sour and this is not even a matter of sour-grapes as we are allowed to pick them when outside the fence. Grocery+other shopping with #6 and he got his treat@BakerHansen while grandmother enjoyer her shrimp salad. A thousand thanks to Leonard for fixing email problem – have been trying to figure out the past week how to fix it with no result, but it took him 5mins and everything was good again.

Bewildered is the fox who lives to find that grapes beyond reach can be really sourDorothy Parker

Sat: lunching with Kirsten&Geir at Løkenhavna@Kolsås and a trip ‘up’ memory lane and still finding wild strawberries on the paths…

to HammerbakkenSkole when&where first-born attended as a first-grader – not much changes except that all the trees have grown taller, now hiding the view of  the school when reaching near the house.

Piggsoppgrenda6, the first and only house ever bought in Norway(3rd row-house from the left). Lived there from 1981-85 and rented it out from 1985-2012. Sold it after both daughters decided that they did not want to live there.


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