World’s Longest Road-Tunnel

4 Jul 2023 – Happy 4th

Sat: just relaxing and enjoying the peace of our last morning here in paradise before the 4+hrs drive back to reality.

CountryRoads – tkx to first-born for her pix during her morning runs to capture these roads leading now away from Konsmo/LaLaLand back to the maddening crowd~380k 4+hrs drive.

One stop and 50+road-tunnels, #6 counted 50, #3-40+,#2-20+ and grandmother counted 55, but unable to google to find the exact number. The last tunnel before our destination – Smestadtunnelen/501m and the others in between were not easy to catch the names or remember except for Fosskolltunnelen/E18,562m which is on the way to Møsvann and have lost count for all the times we drove thru’ here back&fro! Both tunnel pix downloaded.

There are seemingly~1,250?road-tunnels here in Norway and Lærdalstunnelen24.5k~18mins to drive thru’ is the world’s longest road-tunnel. This tunnel links Aurland&Lærdal providing a ferry-free connection between Oslo and Bergen. Would not like to drive there or take the ferry, but train to Bergen is on the schedule for next week.

Sun: rain or shine, the American Coordinating Council of Norway/ACCN did a good job to celebrate an early 4th@Frognerparken.

Nice to see a vintage 1932FordV in perfect condition there. Filled my stomach with a decent hamburger,milkshade&funnelcake. Appreciations to Leng&family for showing up despite their long tiring drive driven by their 16yrs son, Macus from Uvdal.

Mon: byebye for now and good luck to #2 who heads back to the US to start her new chapter @ClemsonU/SC. WiFi down for the afternoon!

Learnt a new Apple! game and discovered a new toy with the grandchildren this trip.

PhysalisPeruviana –  its common names CapeGooseberry, Goldenberry,PeruvianGroundcherry growing well by the window with berries in its new place. A short stroll to the grocery by Eckers and there the owner is trying to convince me that a dip in his ice bucket is good for me – hahaha would prefer to be in this phonebooth with a library!

Tue: 4thJuly – tkx to Ingrid’s delicious homemade cake, strawberry-jam&wafler@Ingrid&HansK, nice to catch up with OleK&Jenny. #6 enjoyed his swim in their pool. Do like this treehouse in their neighbourhood.

A tree house, a free house,
A secret you and me house,
A high up in the leafy branches
Cozy as can be house.
A street house, a neat house,
Be sure to wipe your feet house
Is not my kind of house at all-
Let’s go live in a tree house
― Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends

4 Jul – Happy 4th
6 Jul – Happy Bday cousin JohnWong
14 Jul – Happy Bday Keith and Happy Bastille Day/France
17 Jul – Happy Bday NancyBowman
20 Jul – Happy Bday DavidYeoh
21 Jul – Happy Bday AlbertChua
22 Jun – Happy Anniversary Dike&Mark
23 Jun – Happy Bdays Lucas & James

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