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8 May 2023 – Baseball Game

Fri: tkx to 1st-born for my 1st experience at a baseball game – ColumbiaFireflies vs MyrtleBeachPelicans. Not that I understand much of the game, but what a lovely evening to be with the family&their friends snacking on tacos&popcorn. Appreciations to AmericanLeadershipAcademy/ALA for these complimentary tickets. This is a new school where 1st-born will start with a new teaching job in Aug.

Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand – Leo Durocher

Here together with #1&2+Jack&Tristan,#3&5

while #4 was at her 8thGradeDance where we managed to pop by to see her enjoying her last MiddleSchool dance. #5 got my attention with the SIN-flag, good that he knows that flag and hopefully will be the next to visit SIN, he still has 2 more years in this MiddleSchool. Has been a busy week with events.

Sat: YachtCove, vaguely remember(selective memory!) that we stayed in one of these units(tkx to Barbara&her family for the use of their unit then) after the house burnt down 10yrs ago. Nice clubhouse with pool. https://yachtcovecondos.com/

#3&5, the boys stayed the night last night and a nice stroll down by LakeMurray with #5 to start this day. The Canada geese&their goslings are here enjoying their morning swim&stroll like us, ie minus the swim for us! https://www.britannica.com/animal/Canada-goose

AnolisCarolinensis/GreenAnole lizards and when it puff his pink throat, its a male. Like many lizards, anoles display autotomic tails, which wiggle when broken off. This distracts the predator and helps the anole to escape. A new tail then starts to develop. Bale of turtles on a log enjoying the serenity of life…

Refreshing to be able to start the day in peaceful&pleasant natural greenery where even a birdhouse is camouflage to fit into the surroundings.

#3 drove to help me with the grocery for tonight’s dinner. Busy with the preparation&eating(dinner for 9ppl), forgot about taking pix when finally all my FabulousFive are together today! Appreciations&tkx to #1 for her thoughtfulness with this rose which cheers up the bedroom window. Tkx to Cindy for driving all my stuff from Clearwater to YachtCove

Jeff+the dogs&I took a short stroll to the dock@Clearwater for Zuno to fetch in the water. Entertaining to watch Bo(5month EnglishMastiff puppy!!) being carried into the water and that poor thing did not know what to do with his paws while Zuno was too busy fetching and had no time for his friend. https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/mastiff/

Sun: family lunch minus#1@Tonellas – good NY-style-thin-crust pizza. Samsonite Viewpointe for 10yrs finally saw the end of its day with handle breaking. Time for a new ReactionKennethCole Continuum from TJ-Max US$69.99/S$93 – lets see how long this one will last?

Mon: so we meet again, Mon, but at this stage in life’s journey it can be just any day except that I am now~15miles/24k NW of downtown Columbia,SC/USA on Lake Murray. Have mentally prepared to do some reading as public transportation here is non-existence – also need to renew my driver’s license. There are 4cars in the family, but everyone is busy with their own life and need their car.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all teachers, 1st-born being one.

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